Tracklist:192 kbps

1.Intro Player
2.Feel It In the Airfeat. J-One — J-One, Mr. Capone-E

3.Nothing New feat. Joe & Pranxs — Pranxs, Joe, Mr. Capone-E

4.Knock Me Out feat. Jah Free & Clumsy Beatz — Clumsy Beatz, Mr. Capone-E, Jah Free

5.Know You Like That feat. J-Reyez, Flash & Tucker Lives — J-Reyez, Tucker Lives, Mr. Capone-E, Flash

6.Bad Bitches

7.I Rather

8.Bitches Roll Call

9.Player for Life feat. Miss Lady Pinks — Miss Lady Pinks, Mr. Capone-E

10.Round It Up feat. Clumsy Beatz — Clumsy Beatz, Mr. Capone-E

11.Play with Themfeat. J-One & King Trip — King Trip, J-One, Mr. Capone-E

12.Rarri feat. Roach Killa — Roach Killa, Mr. Capone-E

13.Player Outro

14.Bonus Player