Tracklist:192 kbps

1.Hood Day feat. King Lil G & Nando — Juan Gotti, Nando, King Lil G

2.Houston  feat. Paul Wall & Carolyn Rodriguez — Paul Wall, Juan Gotti, Carolyn Rodriguez
3.Tomorrow Not Promisedfeat. South Park Mexican & Ronnie Spencer — Juan Gotti, South Park Mexican, Ronnie Spencer

4.Letters to Los  feat. Nando — Juan Gotti, Nando

5.Concrete Jungle  feat. King Lil G, Carolyn Rodriguez & Low G — Juan Gotti, Low G, King Lil G, Carolyn Rodriguez

6.Million Letter  feat. Baby Bash, Milton Bradley & Carolyn Rodriguez — Juan Gotti, Milton Bradley, Baby Bash, Carolyn Rodriguez

7.Street Pimpin  feat. Lil Bing & Carolyn Rodriguez — Juan Gotti, Lil Bing, Carolyn Rodriguez

8.Dope House Saga   feat. Milton Br — Juan Gotti, Milton Br


10.Remember Me

11.No Rest

12.Cali Love Cali Bud

13.Turn Up

14.When the Devil Knocks

15.The Most Hated Most Aggravated Mic Pass