Tracklist:192 kbps


2.I'm A Joker (feat. Diamonique, Kid Frost & Fingazz) — Kid Frost, Fingazz, Diamonique, Chino Brown
3.L.A. Califas

4.Don't Fuck With Us

5.Haters All Around

6.We Shinin (feat. Diamonique) — Diamonique, Chino Brown

7.Dimelo (feat. 2 High) — 2 High, Chino Brown


9.Can't Help Myself (feat. Diamonique, Kid Frost & Kokane) — Kid Frost, Kokane, Diamonique, Chino Brown


11.Real GameRemix

12.Sueno Americano

13.4 The OG's (feat. Fingazz)Remix — Fingazz, Chino Brown

14.U Ready

15.Soy Latino (Reggaeton)


17.Can't Help Myself (feat. Diamonique & Lunch)Remix — Diamonique, Chino Brown, Lunch

18.Happy (feat. Suga Free) — Suga Free, Chino Brown

19.West Coast Mexican (feat. Diamonique & Joker 310) — Joker 310, Diamonique, Chino Brown