Tracklist:192 kbps


2.I'm Sick and Tired
3.Middle Fingers In the Air

4.For My Thugs (feat. Knightowl & Shadow) — Knightowl, Shadow, Slush the Villain

5.R.I.P. To All My Soldiers

6.Someone's f*%king with My Money (feat. Shadow) — Shadow, Slush the Villain

7.Todos Vamos a Morir (feat. Diablo) — Diablo, Slush the Villain

8.Jump In (Skit)

9.Are You Ready To Ride

10.357 In My Holster (feat. Knightowl) — Knightowl, Slush the Villain

11.On the Kreep Up Mutha Fuckas

12.C'mon Let's Fuck

13.Killa Kali

14.Can You Feel Me

15.We Da %*&# Like That (feat. Shadow) — Shadow, Slush the Villain