Tracklist:192 kbps

1.Crusin Down Bristol
2.Connected and Respected

3.Sick and Tired

4.Time Goes

5.Coming at U

6.For My Hustlas

7.Gangsta Boogie

8.f*%king Your Hoes

9.Keep It Gangsta

10.The Muttafucking Real

11.Why U Hating?
12.First Man Walking

13.Stay Strong

14.Was Up Baby

15.Girl Please

16.Confessing a Feeling

17.Gangsta %*&#

18.Only in the West

19.Dangerous Mind

20.Real Locos

21.Dont Let Me Light U Up

22.My Crazy Life

23.When We Ride

24.Mexicans Make the World Go Round

25.Bounce to This