Tracklist: 192 kbps

1.You Have Not Seen Nothing Yet
2.Ride outfeat. Jah Free, Ybe, Serk & T Dot Ace — YBE, Young Skeme, Jah Free, T Dot Ace, Serk


4.Lifes Lessonsfeat. Serk — Young Skeme, Serk

5.Rowdy Rousey


7.Put It Downfeat. Ybe, Serk & the Occupation — YBE, The Occupation, Young Skeme, Serk

8.All Alonefeat. T Dot Ace — Young Skeme, T Dot Ace

9.Tell the Worldfeat. Nosneb — Young Skeme, Nosneb

10.Brighter Sidefeat. Nosneb & Serk — Young Skeme, Nosneb, Serk

11.Open Thoughts

12.Pretendfeat. Nosneb — Young Skeme, Nosneb

13.Hard Workfeat. Nosneb — Young Skeme, Nosneb