Tracklist: 192 kbps

1.Get Ready for the Summertimefeat. Crazy Boy & Siccmade — Siccmade, Lil Wicked, Crazy Boy

2.How We Do Itfeat. Wicked Willie, Gee Moe, Og Triggs & Doggmaster — OG Triggs, DoggMaster, Wicked Willie, Gee Moe, Lil Wicked

3.Get Lowfeat. Lil Menace & Lil Weapon — Lil Menace, Lil Weapon, Lil Wicked

4.Interlude 1feat. Mr. Capone E — Mr. Capone E, Lil Wicked

5.Put Me to Testfeat. Sinek, Daze & Poison the Don — Daze, Sinek, Poison The Don, Lil Wicked

6.I'm a Riderfeat. Crazy Boy, Casual, Gfunk & Robbs the One — Gfunk, Casual, Lil Wicked, Crazy Boy, Robbs The One

7.I Am Who I Amfeat. Ssol — Ssol, Lil Wicked

8.Interlude 2feat. Young Quicks — Young Quicks, Lil Wicked

9.Blown of the Chronicfeat. Derty B, Hollywood & Crazy Boy — Derty B, Hollywood, Lil Wicked, Crazy Boy

10.I Want You Girlfeat. Daze & Dice Loks — Daze, Dice Loks, Lil Wicked

11.Oc 2 Sdfeat. Siccmade — Siccmade, Lil Wicked

12.This Is for My G'z & Ridersfeat. Jblack, Capnine & Grimm — GRIMM, Jblack, Lil Wicked, Capnine

13.Interlude 3feat. Lady Pinks — Lady Pinks, Lil Wicked

14.You & Ifeat. Enstictz & Crazy Boy — Enstictz, Lil Wicked, Crazy Boy

15.M.O.Hfeat. Sinek & Crazy Boy — Sinek, Lil Wicked, Crazy Boy

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