Mixtape Tracks:128 kbps

1.Blowin' Dro - Xklusive, Dash and Pugz
2.Audio Crack - Xklusive, Dash and Pugz
3.Who Want It - Xklusive, Pugz and Dash
4.New West - AutoMatiC and Xklusive
5.That Next Level %*&# - Pugz and Xklusive
6.Welcome 2 California - Big Doty, Young Muze and Xklusive
7.Let 'Em Off - Pugz, Xklusive and Lil G
8.Do What I Gotta Do - Xklusive, Pugz and Lil Sapo
9.Bang Bang - Young Muze, AutoMatiC and Xklusive
10.Paranoid (Remix) - Xklusive and Pugz
11.Runnin' Tha Streetz - Manny Lokz and Xklusive
12.West Coastin' - Dots, Dash and Xklusive
13.Tha Truth Hurts - Xklusive, Pugz and Young Muze
14.Get Paid - Xklusive
15.Go Hard - Xklusive, AutoMatiC and Dash
16.Rainy Dayz - Xklusive, Pugz and Dash

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