Trakclist: 192Kbs

1.Gang Injunction (feat. Lil Man) — Lil Man, Chito
2.In tha Varrio (feat. Bad Azz, Spookie & Tiny) — Spookie, Bad Azz, Chito, Tiny

3.We Keep 'Em Running (feat. 310 West & Lil Man) — 310 West, Lil Man, Chito

4.Ride With Us (feat. Lil Man & Sporty) — Sporty, Lil Man,

5.C-Sider (feat. Tiny & Stryker) — Stryker, Chito, Tiny

6.Can I (feat. Organized Cartel) — Organized Cartel, Chito

7.I Could See It in Your Eyes (feat. Tiny & Lil Man) — Lil Man, Chito, Tiny

8.Life of a G (feat. Rocky Padilla) — Chito, Rocky Padilla

9.High Till I Die (feat. Wicked & Clever) — Wicked, Clever, Chito

10.The Streets Are Hard (feat. Tiny) — Chito, Tiny

11.U Can't B or C Us (feat. Woody) — woody, Chito

12.187 (feat. Organized Cartel) — Organized Cartel, Chito