Brown Boy Presents: Chicano Rap Riderz (2006)
1. I'm a Rider (feat. Fingazz)
2. Can't Stop Me
3. Brown Pride (feat. ODM)
4. Bouncin' in the Lolo (feat. DTTX)
5. Thuggin', Ballin', Pimpin' (feat. Lil' Blacky / Lil' Sicko)
6. Dangerous (feat. The Dukes Click)
7. Couldn't Do It (feat. Knightowl)
8. I Wanna Get High, Pt. 1 (feat. Mr. Shadow)
9. I Wanna Get High, Pt. 2 (feat. Mr. Criminal)
10. Make Way
11. Nasty Girl
12. We're Gonna Ball (feat. Knightowl)
13. Make You Bounce (feat. Fingazz)
14. We Representin'
15. Change the Game '03
16. Untitled Track

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