Mello Music Group - Persona (2015) [320 kbps]
1. Requiem (feat. Phonte, prod. Oddissee)
2. Homocide (feat. yU, prod. Nottz)
3. PNT (feat. Ras Kass, prod. Apollo Brown)
4. American Religion (feat. Open Mike Eagle, prod. Oddisee
5. You First (feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Quelle Chris, prod. Oh No)
6. Sometimes I Feel (feat. Kool Keith, prod. L'Orange)
7. The Run (feat. Red Pill & Oh No, prod. Oh No)
8. Troubles (feat. Masta Ace, prod. Apollo Brown)
9. Word To The Wise (feat. Oddisee, prod. Oddisee)
10. Dark Comedy Late Show (feat. Open Mike Eagle, prod. Exile)
11. Circles Around Circles (feat. Gift Of Gab, prod. L'Orange)
12. Lose The Ground (feat. yU, prod. Tall Black Guy)
13. House Rag (feat. Quelle Chris, prod. i, ced)
14. Darlin' (feat. Red Pill. prod. Blockhead)
15. No Future (feat. Rapper Big Pooh, prod. Apollo Brown)
16. All I See Is You (feat. Bill Salaam, prod. Quelle Chris)