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Blade - Survival Of The Hardest Working EP (1992)
A1. Gripper The Pitbull
A2. Forward
A3. Survival Of The Hardest Workin'
A4. Get In LIne
A5. Outro: Spread The Word
B1. Do You Believe In Love
B2. Lyrical Maniac
B3. We're Gettin' Stronger (Unmixed)
B4. As Salaamu (The Peace)... (Unmixed)

Blade - The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength (1993)
1. Keep It Goin' On
2. Fade 'Em Out
3. Music For Universal Pleasure
4. 100%
5. How To Raise A Blade
6. No Compromise
7. Hold Your Own
8. Bedroom Demo
9. Pisstake
10. Take It To The Edge
11. ...Or Get Crushed Like A Pumpkin
12. Heads Are Forever Boppin'
13. Shut The f*ck up
14. Silence Is Better Than %*&#
15. The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength
16. Survival Prelude
17. God Give Me Strength
18. Fuck The System
19. Dark And Sinister (featuring MC Mell'O')
20. Suck On My Electric Guitar
21. Exit

Blade - Planned And Executed (1995) [FLAC]
1. Let's Begin
2. Silence Is Better Than %*&#...Part 2 (Those Who Never Gave Us The Time Of Day Get Shipped Out Remix)
3. Planned And Executed
4. They Shall Love This
5. Don't Care What Anybody Thinks (Bonus Track)
6. Welcome To The Jungle
7. Play The Joker
8. He Got Cuts Galore
9. Keep Watchin' This Space

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Blade - Rough It Up (1991)
1. Rough It Up (Vocal)
2. Whatcha Waitin' For (Vocal)
3. You Better Go For Yours (Vocal)
4. Whatcha Waitin' For (Instrumental)
5. Bonus Beats

Вы здесь » Rapsody-Music » #Rap » Blade