Kottonmouth Kings – High Society (2000) [320 kbps]
[b]01. Kona Gold Greeting
02. Here We Go Again (feat. Dog Boy of Too Rude)
03. First Class
04. Day Dreamin’ Fazes
05. The Joint
06. Good As Gold
07. Face Facts (feat. Dog Boy of Too Rude)
08. Peace Not Greed (feat. Jack Grisham Of TSOL & Corporate Avenger)
09. The Lottery
10. Round & Round
11. King’s Blend
12. Anarchy Through Capitolism
13. We The People (feat. Sen Dog & Dog Boy of Too Rude)
14. Elevated Sounds
15. Un Xplanetory
16. Wickit Klowns (feat. Insane Clown Posse & Dog Boy of Too Rude)
17. Coffee Shop
18. Size Of An Ant (feat. Grand Vanacular)
19. Crucial (feat. Dog Boy of Too Rude)
20. B-Dubb’s Blend

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