TIC - Smilin' Faces Tell Lies (1999) [320 kbps] (автор рипа: Tha Sun)
01. I'm Tellin' Em
02. Feel Me, Kill Me (feat. One Gud Cide)
03. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (feat. Pinhead, Kee-Kee)
04. Game Take It's Tall (feat. Chronic)
05. Gotta Git My Point Across (feat. Kilo)
06. Rough Ride (Skit)
07. 7.62 mm Slug (feat. Kee-Kee and J-Rock)
08. We Can't Be Stopped (feat. Kee-Kee, J-Rock and Pinhead)
09. Funky Town D.D.
10. Puttin It Down (feat. J-Rock, Kee-Kee and Pinhead)
11. Me, My, D--e And Money (feat. J-Rock)
12. Gangsta Millionaire (feat. Kee-Kee and Pinhead)
13. Smiling Faces Tell Lies
14. Trash Hoes (Skit)
15. Why? (feat. J-Rock)
16. D--e Tales
17. Where There's A Will [There's A Way] (feat. Kee-Kee and Pinhead)
18. Interagation (Skit)
19. Day N-Night (feat. J-Rock and Chronic)

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