Snoop Dogg  - A Tribute To 2Pac (2006)
1: INTRO (Pac Poem)
3: STORY TO TELL (featuring Kurupt)
4: GANGSTER BOOGIE (featuring Dr. Dre & Toddy Tee)
5: ARTICULATE THUG (featuring Ras Jass & Eastwood)
6: X-CHANGE (featuring Typhoon)
7: WHATCHU TALKIN' ABOUT (featuring Daz & Young Wee)
8: IF YOUR FRIENDS SEEN ME [What Would I Be] (featuring Toddy Tee)
9: MO' CHEDDA (featuring K-Dee & Glock)
10: DON'T GIVE A FUCK (featuring Sanyika Shakur)
11: RIDE (featuring Eastwood)
12: "SNOOP" DOGG 'N THE WAX (featuring Ice T)
13: BREAKDOWN (featuring The Unknown DJ & Valerie)
14: I NEED A ROLEX (featuring Dr. Dre, Ice T & DJ Yella)
15: STORY TO TELL [Radio Version] (featuring Kurupt)
16: X-CHANGE [Remix] (featuring Typhoon)