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Vast Aire

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Vast Aire – Best Of The Best Vol. 1 (2013)
01. Cold Vein (feat. Vordul Mega) [Da Cryptic One Mix]
02. Back To Basics (prod. by Melodious Monk)
03. Bay Of Pigs (feat. Virtuoso, Del The Funky Homosapien & Pidi T) [prod. by Blue Sky Black Death]
04. Red Pill (feat. Karniege) [prod. by Ayatollah]
05. Taboo (prod. by Mighty Mi)
06. Buttafly Knife (prod. by Mighty Mi)
07. Ducking Shadows (Sweet Potato Mix) [prod. by Melodious Monk]
08. Why’sdaskyblue (Sky Blue Mix) [prod. by Melodious Monk]
09. Viewtiful Flow (prod. by Jake One)
10. T.V. Land (prod. by Melodious Monk)
11. Slow Blues (feat. Byata, Timbo King & Prodigal Sunn) [prod. by Bronze Nazareth]
12. Big Game (feat. Diverse) [prod. by RJD2]
13. The Crush (Falside Mix)
14. Bargain With The Devil (feat. Sadat X) [prod. by Thanos of Brother Hood 603]
15. The Man Without Fear (prod. by Melodious Monk)
16. New York Minute (feat. French Montana, Double A.B., N.O.R.E. & Jadakiss) [prod. by Harry Fraud]


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Vast Aire - Duece's Wild (2008) [320 kbps]
01. You Know (You Like It)
02. T.V. Land
03. Take Two
04. The Dynamic Duo (feat. Geechi Suede)
05. Gimme Dat Mic (feat. Copywrite)
06. Mecca and the Ox (feat. Vordul Mega)
07. Back 2 Basics
08. Lunch Room Rap (It's Nothing)
09. When Starz Fall (feat. Double A.B., Thanos, Swave Sevah & Karniege)
10. The Crush
11. Shu (The God of Aire)
12. Graveyard Shift (feat. Genesis)
13. The Man Without Fear

Вы здесь » Rapsody-Music » #Rap » Vast Aire