DJ Skribble – Traffic Jams (1998) [320 kbps]
1. Skribble's Intro
2. Step Into The World (Krs-One)
3. The Theme (Traci Lee)
4. Love Is All We Need [Remix] (Mary J. Blige)
5. Must Be The Music (Big Punisher & Cuban Link)
6. The Phone Call
7. The Dream (Reverend Run)
8. The Franklins (Crookly Clan)
9. I Need Your Love (Big Bul)
10. What Cru Is Number One? (Cru)
11. I'll Do Anything (K-7)
12. The Battle
13. Get Up (Lost Boyz)
14. The Streets Are Like A Jungle (Wyclef Jean)
15. The Ladies (Crooklyn Clan)
16. Take Me Home (Foxy Brown)
17. Loungin (LL Cool J)
18. You Can't Stop The Pras (Prakazrel)
19. The Beat of the Year
20. Shimmy (Ol' Dirty Bastard)