Conejo-Blood Diamond (Notorious Comando Presents)(2014)

Tracklist:192 kbps

1.Blood Diamond
2.Call Me the Warlord
3.Living and Dieing
4.Thee Insurgency
5.When Things Fall Apart
6.Dirty Wars
7.Cold Blooded Love
8.Fighting to Survive
9.Wild West
10.Pour Fire from the Sky

Conejo-Gangster Music(2016)

Tracklist:192 kbps

1.Homie You Know Me
2.3 Letters of Death C.O.N.
3.Imperial, Pt. 3
4.Give Me the Greenbacks
5.You Know What It Is, Pt. 2
6.Pouring Water
7.Illuminate the Shadows
8.Behind Enemy Lines, Pt. 3
9.Death Threat
11.Homie You Know Me (Acp)
12.Illuminate the Shadows (Acp)
13.Streetboy (Acp)

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